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Christian Family Services, Inc.

Foster Care

Christian Family Services, Inc.  provides foster care for children from birth to preschool age.  Often, foster placements last from one week to 30 days.  Placements are voluntary, and the birth parents maintain legal custody and control of the child.  Families need to be together.  But sometimes things go wrong: a single parent has to enter the hospital...a father loses his job and can't support his family...a family temporarily loses housing.  When things like this happen, CFS tries to help the family through the difficult times and see them reunited as soon as possible.  When a mother decides to place her infant for adoption, foster parents are called on to provide the constant care and attention so critical to a child's emotional development and to give him or her a good start in life.
Foster families go through a home study and training process before becoming licensed.  Christian Family Services, Inc. studies and licenses families from the St. Louis metropolitan area.  CFS seeks dedicated Christian famlies of good character and strong values who are prepared to be flexible and willing to share their hearts and homes with children in need.